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iPad and TouchOSC

Modified on 2016/11/24 16:28 by Mick Martin Categorized as Artist Installation, Artist Programming, Connectivity, Protocols
TouchOSC is an iPad app that sends MIDI messages wrapped in OSC data packets over network connections. See the web site http://hexler.net/software/touchosc

  • Visit the Apple app store and install the TouchOSC app on any iPad you wish to connect to the Artist PC.
  • From the Hexler web site download and install the TouchOSC Bridge on the Artist PC. This is to decode received OSC packets in to local MIDI messages in the PC.
  • Also, download and install the TouchOSC editor. This is to create the button pages on the iPad. These pages are then uploaded to connected iPads.

The PC and the iPads must be on the same network and the same network number (e.g 192.168.1.x).


  • Run TouchOSC Editor and create the pages for each of your iPads
  • When you have you pages press Sync
  • On the iPad you are sending to select Layout/Add
  • Select the Artist PC name and click OK
  • Then select the layout from the list
  • Repeat for the other iPads connected to the system


  • Create you MIDI patch file in Artist.
  • Run the Patch Wizard
  • As you press buttons on the iPad you  will see the received message in the Capture box. Click capture
  • then go through the procedure to create an associated system command.

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