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University of Hertfordshire

Modified on 2012/02/28 14:07 by Mick Martin Categorized as Case Studies
The Forum at The University of Hertfordshire is run off one central ShowCAD Artist System covering the Main Auditorium, The Style Bar and the Mini Club. Each bar has it’s own dedicated Xantech Intelligent Touch Screen enabling House and Effect Lighting can be remotely controlled from each location.

The System also controls the 16 x 16 way Video Matrix enabling independent sources to be sent to screens relevant to the touch screens location. Also SKY boxes and be controlled from these positions.

Control System
  • 2 x ShowCAD Artist Lighting Controller
  • 1 x Touch Screens
  • 1 x 4 Way Pathport DMX Outputs
  • 1 x ShowCAD USB Interface
  • 6 x Xantech 6” Intelligent Touch Pads
  • 1 x N Port RS232 Interface

A second ShowCAD Artist is running another area on campus called Ele House.

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