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Setup the SGM Artnet Interface

Modified on 2015/02/09 18:00 by Mick Martin Categorized as Artist Installation

Only 1 Interface used

In this case the installation is very simple. You can connect the interface directly to the PC without a network switch. It is important to note that Artnet cannot coexist on the same network card as Internet traffic. If you require Internet access you must install a second Ethernet interface. We assume hear that only one Ethernet interface card is installed.

Set PC IP address

  • Open Network Connections
  • Right-click your Ethernet interface and select Properties
  • Select the Networking tab
  • Select TCP/IPv4 and select Properties
  • Check 'Use the following IP address'
  • Enter in IP address box
  • Enter in the sub-net mask
  • Click OK

Connecting Artist

  • Connect the SGM Interface to the PC with a Cat 5 cable (The cable does not need to be a crossover type)
  • Run Artist
  • In Navigator/Resources/Interface Manager/ right-click on Artnet and select Properties
  • Select Network
  • Check the Enable check box
  • Click OK

Wait a few seconds for the interface to be discovered. You much then define the number of outputs the interface has.

Setting the Number of Outputs

  • Select Properties once more.
  • Highlight the newly discovered interface in the list and click Properties.
  • Set the number of outputs to 4.
  • Click OK.

The interface is now ready to be connected in the Input/Output Manager.

Adding Another Interface

Either connect the new interface(s) to the first interfaces Artnet output (up to 5 can be daisy chained in this way) or connect all your interfaces on an Ethernet switch. If the interface appears as a different IP then continue to set the number of outputs as above. If the PC report a conflict of IP addresses disconnect all other interfaces and run the SGM configurator software. You can download the software at http://www.sgmlight.com

Set a new unique IP address.

The interface should now be discovered in Artist.

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