Writing a Fixture Template

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If you have a fixture that is not in the ShowCAD.tem file you can create your own using the Template Wizard.

Page 1 - Template Definition

Page 2 - Add/Edit Parameters

This page defines the Parameters within the fixture. A Parameter can be a single channel, like Dimmer, Shutter, or it can be multiple channels like Mirror, Yoke, Colour Mix. Selecting the correct Parameter definition is crucial to creating a successful template.

All the Parameter types can be 8 bit (1 channel) or 16 bit (2 channels). The order that you add the Parameters does not matter at this stage. Just enter them as they appear in the manufactures specification.

In choosing the type of Parameters to assign you need to understand how each behaves within Artist. This table shows how each responds.



This is a description of the Artist functions at the heading of each column above.



For all fixtures that produce a light output a Dimmer or Shutter type of channel should be assigned in order that Blackout works globally.

Page 3 - Parameter Properties

The properties allows you to set the preset value, level shortcuts, slider ranges and other special functions.

Shortcuts allow you set specific levels that appear in a list box in the control. These are often colour or gobo values.

Ranges are selectable slider control ranges.

Page 4 - Channel Offsets

This page allows you to set the channel order. Select a parameter axis and move it up or down the channel list.

Page 5 - Fixture Functions

This page allows you to set the Fixture Reset and Lamp on/off functions. Often these functions require a level to be set for a period of time. The time and level are set here.

Page 6 - Summary

This page summerises the fixture settings.