Setup the SGM Artnet Interface

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Only 1 Interface used

In this case the installation is very simple. You can connect the interface directly to the PC without a network switch. It is important to note that Artnet cannot coexist on the same network card as Internet traffic. If you require Internet access you must install a second Ethernet interface. We assume hear that only one Ethernet interface card is installed.

Set PC IP address

Connecting Artist

Wait a few seconds for the interface to be discovered. You much then define the number of outputs the interface has.

Setting the Number of Outputs

The interface is now ready to be connected in the Input/Output Manager.

Adding Another Interface

Either connect the new interface(s) to the first interfaces Artnet output (up to 5 can be daisy chained in this way) or connect all your interfaces on an Ethernet switch. If the interface appears as a different IP then continue to set the number of outputs as above. If the PC report a conflict of IP addresses disconnect all other interfaces and run the SGM configurator software. You can download the software at

Set a new unique IP address.

The interface should now be discovered in Artist.