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ArtistRemote Installation

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This software is for Windows Mobile devices such as PDA and phones.

Setting up Computer

Your mobile device has a CD for installing the require synchronisation software on your computer. Once this is installed run ArtistRemote.msi. Now when you connect your mobile device to the computer the software will installed.

After this the PDA will connect to the computer through a WiFi access point which should be connected to your computer. You should set a specific IP address for both your PC and access point to enable Artist Remote to find Artist. You can use

Setting PDA

In Windows Mobile find the WiFi set up and set the IP address to Run Artist Remote. On the main screen hold you finger on the ShowCAD logo for a few seconds. This will display the setup page. Enter the IP address of the Artist Computer ( Now when you return to the Main Screen, the Artist Cue Lists and Cues will be display.

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