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Bahrain Financial Harbor

Modified on 2012/02/26 02:05 by Mick Martin Categorized as Case Studies
The site has 2 matching 58 story building of contempory design with a business centre between them. The outside of the building had Pulsar Chromastrip mounted in a pattern at the corners of the building.

Each tower contain 9 universes of DMX distributed via 5 Pathport interfaces. The Pathport data was fedd underground through single fibre optic cables from the business centre.

The roof each tower and the roof of the business centre and offices were also flood lit with Pulsar Chromafloods.

The whole thins was controlled by a Artist computer located in the business centre running real time events time to start after dark and stop before sun rise. The computer is accessable on the internet for updating and monitoring.

The maintenance staff cann override the system via a touch screen panel and can see the running effects a graphics of the building.

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