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Specially configured PDAs are available to act as wireless remote playback panels. These can be positioned in outlying areas, such as bars or lobbies of a venue or a managers pocket. The PDA device is preloaded with the ArtistRemote software and is connected via a WiFi access point to the Artist Host computer.

In general, the device’s range is 100 meters line of sight and 30 meters otherwise. There are many factors that affect the reception range, so these figures are merely a guide.

USB to DMX Interfaces

USB-DMX adaptors for installations with up to two DMX universes. These interfaces can be used as either DMX input or output. It has optically isolated outputs to protect your computer hardware and is USB powered.

• 5 pin XLR
• 3 Pin converter included
• rugged design 

2 Universe PathportPathport_logo

Pathport is a TCP/IP protocol that gives Artist the ability to send up to 64 DMX512 universes over an Ethernet network remote DMX nodes. Pathport Website

pathpt2The 6202 Pathport node provides 2 DMX OUT for 1024 channels and can take power via the CAT5 network cable (POE - Power-over-Ethernet) as well as being able to be supplied locally with a plugtop power supply. The units are fully protected against rogue voltages from faulty devices or shorts on the data line. Configuration can be carried out from the connected PC.

4 Universe DMX Manager Plus

This unit provides can provide various function. It is packaged in a 1U rackmountable case.

  • DMX splitter. It can take a DMX input and split it in to 4 DMX outputs
  • DMX merger. It can take 4 DMX inputs and merge them in to a single DMX output.
  • Ethernet to DMX out. It can take Pathport Ethernet messages in and output 4 universes of DMX
  • Ethernet to DMX in. It can take 4 universes of DMX in and send them over Ethernet to another network connected device.

The unit can perform combinations of these function. It has 4 female XLRs and 4 male XLRs on the rear panel and a LCD display to program and display status.

8 Universe Datagate 8

The  Datagate 8 provided ArtNet to 8 DMX universes. This is a cost effective solution for larger systems. 1U 19" rackmountedable design.

ArtNet is an Ethernet distributed DMX protocol. In principal this can be used to control an almost unlimited number of universe. In practice though 100 universe seems reasonable.

Mini Tower PC

With HDD silicone mounts, superior cooling/airflow, internal pre-installed and configured DMX interfaces (up to 1024 channel USB/DMX possible), pre-installed Artist, pre-registered Windows, guaranteed capability with Artist, only high quality components used, burn-in soak test and our name to it, we think that this computer is a match for anything available off the shelf. Case MATX Tower Antec NSK3480 c/w 380W PSU Includes:

-  CPU AMD Sempron LE-1150 2.0GHz Skt AM2 PIB
-  DVD ROM Drive SonyNEC Black IDE DDU1615S
-  Hard Drive 80Gb IDE 7200.10 2Mb Seagate ST380215A
-  Keyboard Labtec PS2 BLACK
-  Memory 512Mb 667Mhz DDR2  Kingston
-  Motherboard ASAS MATX Skt AM2 M2V-MX-SE
-  Mouse Microsoft Opti W Mouse BLACK (3P)
-  Windows Vista Home Basic OEM

2U Rackmount Computer

A 2 unit rackmount PC with integrated DMX output. Super quiet and compact this popular machine is configured to run ShowCAD Artist smoothly and reliably. If required, this PC can be configured with playback buttons and a display as shown above, eliminating the need for a monitor and preventing anyone accessing and programming the computer without plugging in a QWERTY and monitor, thereby protecting the programmed shows. These control panels can also be placed at remote locations, connected to thePC by RS 232.

page6_blog_entry2_1When power and flexibility are required for a multi-DMX universe installation, our 4 unit rackmount PC is recommended. Options include a choice of motherboard and processors, redundant power supplies, redundant RAID arrays etc. The list price is a guide for our "standard", but please let us know what you need and we can always increase the specification.

1725l_lg2Designed from the start as touchscreen monitors these superb elo LCD's have proved to be fantastic front ends for many ShowCAD Artist installations.

• Higher brightness, better contrast and wider viewing angle than most 15" LCD's
•"Designed for Touch" features such as a stable tilt base
• USB Interface
• Cables hidden from user view
• Built-in speakers located in display head
• Multilingual on-screen display
• Mounting holes on base bottom for tabletop security
• Controls on the side with lockout function for public areas
• Sealed touchscreen
• Long product life cycle
15" 1024 x 768 pixels ~ 17" 1280 x 1024 pixels
Also available with a built-in PC or as panel-mounting versions for wall or console.
elo website

pcr_m30These MIDI keyboards from Edirol provide superbly manufactured and cost effective performance surfaces for your ShowCAD Artist system.
Both units connect to your computer via USB, so no MIDI interfaces required. They provide faders and rotary pots, pushbuttons, a pitch-bend and modulation lever as well as keys for Note On/Off - Scene/Cue/List selection, so many fades, levels and presents can be stored or accessed. The PCR300 provides 32 full-sized keys, the PCR500 provides 49. ShowCAD Artist already contains control templates for both keyboards to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss.

Edirol website

ShowCAD Artist is now available to be controlled via the Xantech range of wall-mounted Touchscreens. Perfect for architectural installations where the venue requires a discrete control surface, these touchpanels can be pre-programmed with pages of buttons and graphics that can be linked to any command within the ShowCAD Artist system.
The SmartPad LCD series consists of four interactive touchpanels- a 3.9”, a 5.7” and a 6.4” diagonal color graphic touchpanel and a 6.4” diagonal video touchpanel. All functionality and screen graphics are fully programmable using Xantech’s intuitive and easy to use Dragon Drop-IR™ programming software using either the RS232 or USB ports located behind the detachable faceplate.

3.9These new touchpanels communicate with the ShowCAD Artist via a cat5 cable connection using RS422 commands. An RS422 card or an RS422/232 converter is required to interface with the host computer. Bezel colors include: White, Ivory, Almond, Black, Brown, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome.

Xantech WebSite
For all sales enquiries email ShowCAD Sales or tel +44 (0)1929 423222