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What's New
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Important notes :

In the version 3 of Artist the DMX and MIDI interfaces need to be connect to in Resources/Input Output Patch in order to output. Go to DMX Out to connect DMX interfaces.

These are the main new features in Artist3

  • Extensive reworking of the audio processing and BPM calculator
  • DirectX restarts lost device
  • added MIDI note BPM trigger
  • new MIDI clock sync to BPM
  • new Cue List events and timer - timed events can now be attached to cues in a list - more tools to come
  • Global normalise list rate system command added
  • Global normalise list level system command added
  • Add extended information in Navigator for system command
  • Added a Restart function to the Cue List Commands/Chase and Seq functions to ensure the list starts with the first cue
  • modified control panel not to show tabs if only one page of custom buttons
  • double buffer on showcad usb output
  • System command to set cue times
  • Linear System commands can now supply fixed values
  • client tile and cascade functions
  • client view (fixture, scene, cues etc) can now be unmaximised
  • allowed Pixel array copying
  • more log file information added
  • modification to pixel array effect scaling and translation.
  • Saves 3D view rotation
  • Fix to Workspace merging function. Now merges fixtures, scenes and cues
  • multiple audio output device support for simulteneous streaming
  • VCOM now run at install
  • modification to Pixel sizing dialog - now includes rotation
  • change to Registration warning
  • absolute buttons in control panl now say 'Enter List' and 'Enter Cue'
  • the global Clear button now clears all internal buffers
  • Fix to KiNet start up
  • Kinet protocol implemented
  • New Fixture Parameter output limit System Command
  • New 3D pixel groups
  • new Auto Address features in Global Patch List view
  • new 3D pixel array effects

Fixes from previous release

  • fix to New Workspace command
  • fixes to real time scripts
  • fixes to Pathport setup
  • fix to pixel array sizing
  • fix to dgital input displaying 'Enable Auto save' prompt
  • fix to video player
  • fix to c# dialogs
  • fix to unexpected long name returned by an artnet device
  • fix to normalise system commands
  • operator GUI button highlite color fix
  • auto save interval fixed - maybe
  • fix to master level system command
  • fixes to Wysiwyg IP address
  • fixes to 16 bit controls
  • fix to 'Set List Rate' system command and added a 'Normalise List Rate' command
  • Set List Level dialog combo fixed
  • Deleting button on custom gui fixed
  • Custom button editing fixed
  • Control panel list deleting crash fixed
  • fix to timed steps
  • fix to Loading Time code file
  • fix to old style gui
  • fix to Fixture Parameters Combo
  • added required DirectX dll
  • fix a Device Context issue
  • possible fix to MIDI hot plugging
  • fix to restore workspace
  • fix to wizard dialogs
  • fix to joypad control
  • fix to a graphics memory leak
  • fix to web page application
  • fix to registration expiry issue
  • fixed a silly mistake in the operator screen from
  • fix to fader column on operator screen
  • fix to Fade funtion with Operator screen open
  • removed some video clips
  • fix to Workspace path in 32bit Windows 10
  • fix to grid view of global patch
  • fix to addressing 3D blocks
  • fixes to workspace wizard
  • fixes to Kinet
  • fix to reinstall requests
  • extensive work on legacy memory leaks
  • fix to snap shot cue
  • fix to Artist auto launch
  • fix to 16 bit colour mixing
  • fix to editing live cues
  • fix to pixel array control buttons
  • fix 'Set Parameters' - dont clear a outputs
  • fix to usb dmx output
  • fix to com port reinstall message
  • fix to Global Soft Patch
  • fix to Liner and Fader control on system commands
  • fix to Pixel chase
  • new installer
  • fix to Chase cascade in reverse
  • improved pixel array performance
  • multiple independant properties on z layers.