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Setting up the Artist Web Control requires Internet Information Services (IIS) to be installed and enabled on the host computer.

XP Professional and Vista Business and Ultimate have IIS installed by default. For those operating systems that do not have IIS, see the Microsoft web site for details.

Enable IIS

To enable IIS is similar on XP and Vista but there are some differences in IIS versions.

  • Start>Control Panel>Administrator Tools>Internet Information Services
  • Follow the dialog through to find where to enable IIS.

Install Artist Web Control

  • Start>My Computer>Drive c:>Program Files>Artist3
  • double-click ArtistWebControl.msi
  • Site : Default Web Site
  • Virtual Directory : AWC

To check the system

  •  launch Internet Explorer on host computer
  • address : http://localhost/AWC
  • click Launch Artist
  • now browse the other functions

To connect on a network computer

  • launch Internet Explorer on the remote computer
  • address : http://<artist_ip_address>/AWC. Enter the IP address of the Artist computer or the network name.

To connect on the Internet

Extra setup is required to allow internet access to Artist. You must be able to let users know the internet address of the Artist computer. Most Internet connects have a dynamic IP address assignment which means that the address may change. This is obviously of know use in this case.

You need to either

  • Get a static IP assignment for the computer


  • Sign up to a dynamic dns services. This will update whenever your IP address changes. You can the provide users with a domain name instead of a less friendly IP address.