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Friday, 19 May 2017


Artist 3

Artist can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The free software license will expire  after 30 days if not registered with ShowCAD Control Systems. See Help/About.. or the Status window to see the license state. See Registration for how to register.

This is the third generation of our flag ship show control software.


For the most part loading Artist version 2 workspaces will convert to the new format. There is the possibility that DMX , MIDI and Digital interface may not be connect after conversion. This is easily resolved by connecting the appropriate interface in Resources/Input Output Patch.

Always Check help

Context sensitive help can be viewed by pressing F1 when a dialog or frame window has the focus. First time users should open the help upon running Artist, and work their way through the Getting Started section which contains useful guides on programming. Articles are continually being written to support the many complex features of Artist. Click here to see the on-line help topics.

The new items in the Artist Help are indicated by a red asterisk on the navigation tree.


The templates are being continually updated. If you are in doubt about the templates for your fixture you can download the latest template file at, Downloads

Downloading a new Template file may also require the Artist software to be upgraded also.


Programming of shows can be a bit of a black art and the software has many functions that might not be immediately apparent. Our online Wiki is an ever expanding knowledge base and provides detailed information on setting up some of the more obscure functions.

Our Facebook Group provides a base for users to share their experience with others.

We also can provide experienced programmers for installations.