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You can download a beta version from our web site. These versions are the next release version of Artist under trial. It is usually recommended that you use the release version, however, there may be features that you require that are only provided by the beta version. The downside is that there may be unknown issues with the beta and the data you create will not be backwardly compatible. Thus, making more complicated to return to your previous version. If in doubt about whether to use a beta contact ShowCAD.

Returning to an Older Version

  • Open the Windows Control Panel and double-click on Add/Remove Programs.

  • Select Artist and click Remove to uninstall the current version.

  • Double-click on the new version (ARTIST.MSI) to install.

If the third number in the Artist version is less than the newer version you are uninstalling and you have saved any programs with the newer version the workspace file will be invalid and unloadable.

You should restore the workspace file to an older version by using the Restore Workspace utility. Only then can you run the older version of Artist.

If you choose to use a Beta version your reports on bugs and operational issues are welcome and appreciated. See 'Troubleshoot' in the help file for details.