What's new


Changes since

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New to this version

  • new hot key switching between Operator and Normal GUIs. CTRL  N.
  • implemented new SIUDI 6C interface
  • implemented new ShowCAD USB/DMX interface
  • implemented new Data Entry Control panel in Communications manager
  • New 'Artist Blank Workspace' short cut on All Programs menu.
  • New No Clear option in Cue List/Global properties.
  • includes vcom setup for ShowCAD USB
  • new delay auto boot option
  • fix to crash on output
  • Fix to crash in template editor when adding shortcut values.
  • Fix to unexpected Licence expiry.
  • New Compact mode


  • Increase cue list and fixture group drop down size in client view.
  • Linear cue select in Activate/Cue system command
  • supplied audio and video sample files can now be deleted.
  • Modified Keypad cue activation
  • Maximum channel count in template wizard extended to 512
  • Important performance enhancement


  • Fixture addressing problem fixed
  • Address updates after Soft Patch dialog now 
  • Crash on deleting all fixtures from a group fixed
  • Correction to address of printed Fixtures
  • fix to sub-scene problems
  • fix to Set Event Flag system command.
  • fix to effect parameters in sub-scenes
  • fix to Pathport input select saving
  • fix to a crash in the template wizard when setting shortcuts
  • fix to security profile and password saving.
  • fix to Main menu help web site urls.
  • update client view when editing Template properties.
  • fix to cue list action not changing.
  • Fix to ShowCAD USB-DMX interface
  • Fix to Unspecified Error
  • Fix to bass decay trigger in chases
  • fix to ShowCAD USB interface
  • fix to ShowCAD USB interface enumeration
  • fix to ShowCAD USB in soft patch
  • fix to Pathport to include dual output mode
  • fix to video lock up
  • fix to workspace conversion
  • fix to enabled pathport