Sunlite USB Interface


Installing USB DMX interface under Windows 98 and 2000

There are no extra step to installation required.

Installing USB DMX interface under Windows XP

After installing Artist follow the procedure below.

  • Plug in the USB interface. Windows will report New Hardware found and the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' will launch.

  • Select 'Install from a list or a specific location (Advanced)'

  • Select 'Search from the best driver in these locations'

  • Uncheck the CDROM

  • Check 'Include this location in the search'

  • Browse for the 'Program Files\Artist' directory

  • Click next. Windows will report that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing. Click 'Continue Anyway'.

If a previous installation failed you should uninstall Artist, reboot Windows, reinstall Artist and follow the above procedure.


Using Sunlite USB interface

Some versions of the Sunlite USB DMX512 interface provide 8 digital input lines. These lines are made available via a DIL header on the PCB. Great care should be taken when connecting to this interface as it is not isolated.

The Sunlite USB box contains a connector header with 8 input pins which can be decoded by Artist.

These inputs have pull-up resistors and should only be used with contact closures.

Pin 1 Input 1 (do not use)
Pin 2 Ground
Pin 3 Input 2 (do not use)
Pin 4 Input 8
Pin 5 Input 7
Pin 6 Input 6
Pin 7 Input 5
Pin 8 Input 4
Pin 9 Input 3
Pin 10 do not use

Any voltage presented to these inputs could cause very serious damage to both the interface box and the connected computer.