Connecting the Network

If you have more than one Pathport interface you will need to use a Ethernet switcher to distribute the data from the computer. Use a normal Cat5 patch leads to connect the computer to the Uplink connection on the switcher and to connect each Pathport interface.

If you have only one Pathport interface you can connect the computer directlty to the computer using a Cat5 cross-over patch lead.

This is a brief outline of a simple network setup.

To setup your computer network adapter,

  • Open the Windows Control Panel

  • Double-click Network Connections

  • Right-click on your Local Area Connection and select Properties

  • On the General tab select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties

  • Select the Use the following IP address radio button, and specify as the IP address.

  • Specify for the subnet mask.

  • Click OK

Starting the Pathports

  • Without your Pathports powered up open the Pathport Manager

  • From the Options Menu, select Pathport Communications/Enable Firmware Uploads

  • Re-start Pathport Manager to enable the servers

  • Configure the BOOTP server by selecting Pathport Communications/Configure Bootp Server. The Bootp Server window will open

  • Make sure that your PC's IP address is correctly noted in the Local IP box.  If it is not, enter it and press enter.

  • Enter an IP range that does not include your PC's IP address. For example, if your PC's IP address is, you should enter into the Address Range Start box, and into the Address Range end box.

  • Click Exit

  • Connect your Pathport network and power up your nodes.  They should all boot normally and show up (after a few seconds) in Pathport Manager's network tree view.


Use the Pathport manager to set up the patching of DMX universe. Refer to the Pathport help.