Artist can be freely downloaded from our web site. It will run fully featured for 30 days after which you may still play with the software but it will no longer output useful data. You can, however, continue using it on your laptop, for example, to do programming for another registered system.

Registration Process

First contact either your distributor or to purchase a Key Code. You will then need to send the Registration Code. This code is required in order for us to create a Key Code.

The best method is to send it via email. From the Artist man menu click on Help/Register.

If the computer you wish to register is connected to the internet click on 'Request Key Code' and an email will be created and sent to the appropriate address.

If the computer is not connected click on 'Save to file' and you will be prompted for a location in which to save the file. You can then take this file (Reg.arg) to a computer that is connected and attached it to an email address to

 If neither of these are possible you can say the Registration Code over the phone, although this method is prone to error.

To Register with the Key Code

  • Run Artist

  • Select from the main menu, Help/Register

  • Enter the key code supplied by ShowCAD and click OK

Artist will respond by saying that the system is registered. You update your version of Artist at anytime without affecting the registration.