Artist makes use of Microsoft's DirectX interfaces. You should ensure you have DirectX 9.x installed on your computer and that the graphics adapter's drivers are full DirectX 9.0 compatible..

You can check which version you have currently installed version by selecting Start/Run and entering DxDiag and clicking OK. This will run the DirectX diagnostic utility and you will see the installed version number.

If the version is correct check the 'Display' tab and ensure that 'Direct3D' acceleration is enabled. Some display drivers are not DirectX 9.xx compatible and will need to be updated.

There are to ways to update DirectX. If your computer is connected to the Internet follow this link,

If you are not connected to the Internet look on the same link for a link to the Redistributable version of DirectX. This will allow you to download a file that you can transfer to the target Artist machine.

Installing the Redistributable version

  • Download the file on a system connect to the Internet

  • Copy the file to removable media large enough to contain about 30-40MB. USB disk, CD-R, CD-RW etc.

  • Attach the media to the target machine and double click on the file it contains.

  • It will extract the setup files to the temp directory of the target machine.

  • Go to this folder and double click Setup.