Digital input


To install an Advantech digital input card

  • Install the software supplied by Advantech by following their installation procedure.

  • Power off the computer and install the interface card as described in the Advantech documentation.

  • On power up Windows will attempt to find the installed driver. If it requests a location for the drivers uncheck any boxes displayed.

  • On completing the plug and play wizard should report that the device was installed.

  • The device installation is a separate process from the driver installation. You should again refer to the Advantech documentation.

Register the DIGIN.OCX

The digin.ocx ActiveX control must be registered before the interface can be used.

  • From the Windows Start menu select Run

  • Enter : regsvr32 "c:\program files\artist\digin.ocx"

The interface will now be recognised by Artist.

When you boot Artist you should see in the Resources Tree view that there is an item called 'Advantech IA'. If you open this branch you will see the name of the installed interface.