Artist backups up the loaded workspace whenever changes are made to the files. This means that in the event of file corruption or loss of data, this backup can be recovered. The backups are maintained in a zipped archive file allowing you to restore earlier versions of your workspace.

Normally you can run the workspace restore utility from within Artist. However, if Artist fails to load a workspace it may be necessary to restore outside of Artist.

To restore workspace,

  • Select Start/All Programs/ShowCAD Artist/Restore Workspace. This will open a file dialog displaying the default location of the

  • Double click on Opens the restore dialog.

  • Select the require workspace to restore. Later versions are towards the bottom of the list.

  • Click Restore

  • Run Artist.

Note that if you restore a workspace of the same name as the one that Artist was previously loading or trying load, then the restored version of that workspace will be loaded. If, however, you restore a workspace of a different name you will have to load it from the main menu in Artist.

If the workspace that Artist is trying to load fails and the workspace you gave restored is a different name, you can browse My Documents/My Workspaces and double click on the Artist Workspace file you want to load to launch Artist with that workspace.