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Simple Heating System

Modified on 2012/02/28 17:38 by Mick Martin Categorized as Building Management Systems, Case Studies
The client requested the following functionality,

  • Thermistor input to produce a 0-10 volt output to control a heating valve over a 4 degree centigrade band with the set point adjustable in software.
  • Thermistor input to give a relay output with a set point adjustable in software.
  • Input from others via software to give relay output for system on/off.
  • Input from others via software to give 0-10 volt output to vary fan speed.
  • Digital input to give a common fault signal to be sent via software to others.

A BAS Remote controller from Contemporary Controls was specified and the inputs and outputs defined as follows,



SP1, SP2, Fan, Damper and Fault are all ModBus register addresses acces by a Trend Supervisor.

The follow diagram shows the logic strategy developed for the controller.


The control was wired in to a distribution unit and wall mounted in the plant room.

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