Zain Tower - Bahrain

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ShowCAD Artist runs a spectacular lighting Installation on The Zain Tower – Bahrain.

The lighting design intent was designed by Future Brand of London and project managed by John Dickaty from the Bahrain office of the prolific design company dwp.

Working together with Pulsar’s Bahrain representatives Behzad lighting, Future Brand developed a concept for a highly visual, energy efficient LED lighting system that would tally with the vibrant, leading edge image associated with Zain.

The lighting system operates under the control of ShowCAD Artist 3. To ensure energy efficiency of the programmed schedules, Artist synchronises its timings by use of an astronomical clock function to give daily corrected sunset and sunrise timings. This added to a typical energy consumption of just 4 kilowatts for the entire exterior LED lighting system ensures that Zain’s goal for “green” solutions was achieved.

The ShowCAD Artist 3 Control System runs 8 lines of DMX around the exterior of the building controlling:

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