Behringer BCF 2000

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This is a MIDI control with 8 rotarty controls, 16 buttons and 8 motorised faders. This connects to the computer via USB and also has MIDI input and output ports for extra connectivity.

Artist has built in configurations for this.

After installing the Behringer software and then running Artist you should find it listed in Resources/Interface Manager/MIDI Inputs as BCF2000. Check that there is no red Asterisk on the icon.

Next right-click Resources/Input Output Patch/MIDI Control Panel and select Properties.

Check Enabled in order to start using the control panel.

If the MIDI Input and Output are not displaying BCF2000 then click Auto Detect.

The first time your use the control panel you need to send the predefined setup to it. Click Configure MIDI Control Panel. On the panel you will see it responding with a roatatin pattern in its display window.

Start List

This sets the first list controlled by the control panel. This is useful when using more than one panel.

Flash List

You specify a Cue List for Flash cues. These are cues that have a momentary action e.g. blinders, strobes, smoke.

Fader List

This specifies a dedicated fader control cue list.

Rotary Knob Functions

Button Row 1 Function

Button Row 2 Function

Slider Function