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Pixel Arrays and Mapping view

Modified on 2012/02/25 03:15 by Mick Martin Categorized as Artist Programming
Pixel arrays are, in general, RGB pixel arrange in rows and columns. They are used in building fascades, nightclub walls and stages. They can be used to display video content, effect or general lighting.

The pixel can be any order of RGB (i.e. BRG, GBR etc) and can also include amber and white. Artist has an algorythm that calculates the white value and replaces the RGB white level with the eqivalent level on white or amber. The proportion of amber to white is control by a global colour temperature control.

Pixel View

Pixel arrays are displayed on a special type of window. This is a graphics surface which can display videos, images and other effects. The pixel arrays are positioned on this surface where the pixel derives its colour.


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