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Cue List Common Properties

Page discussion for Cue List Common Properties
Overrides2013/06/12 11:01 by Tommy
Hi All.

I'm very new to this software and am loving it. But need a little help.

How do I create strobe, colour and gobo overrides. Basically I have created the cues I want but would like to change the gobos, colour and add a strobe every now and then while the cues are live with out having to leave the operator screen. How is this done?

Also can I have the master and rate faders on the operator screen.?

Thank you
Re: Overrides2013/06/12 17:42 by Mick Martin
There are two approaches to this. This first is actually overriding the gobo information for the cue and the other is make cues modular.


  • Create a Scene with only gobo information for the fixtures you wish to override.
  • Then create a blank Cue - this will be your override cue
  • Right-click the Cue and Select Add Scene/Cue
  • Add the Scene as a Command
  • Check Add deactivate
  • Click OK then OK again

Now when you activate this override cue it will in turn activate the Scene which will set the gobo parameter flags overriding the cue data. When you deactivate the cue the gobo will return to the previous cue.


Some operators choose to arrange there cue lists as follow.

Beams These can be dimmer/shutter chase or strobing etc. Movement/Position A list of cues controlling the mirror/yoke and perhaps some other effect parameters of the fixture Colour A list of cue selecting the colours for the fixtures Gobo A list of cues selecting the gobo or other effects.

The operator can the select a movement cue and a beam cue and then have freedom to select any combination of colours and gobo.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Re: Overrides2013/06/14 11:19 by Tommy
great thanks very much how can i get the master faders on the operator screen thanks again

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