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Carnesky's Ghost Train

Modified on 2012/02/28 13:53 by Mick Martin Categorized as Case Studies
The ride which features live actors used to rely on a Technician to operate the system , now with the installation of a ShowCAD Artist system it needs one push of a button to start the ride and Artist does the rest.

The “Train Driver” presses a button at the end of the station platform, Artist plays a safety announcement then starts the ride soundtrack.

When the train enters the station to start laps 2, 3 & 4 a beam detector wired into a Digital Input Unit triggers a step command to the next cue.

Artist also plays Real Time Video clips projecting illusions around the attraction. At the end of the ride Artist automatically returns to a preset cue ready to go again. There are also 5 Emergency Stops located around the track all wired into Artist which immediately put the entire house lighting to full, stops all special effects and stops the soundtrack.

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