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Brilliance - Blackpool

Modified on 2012/02/28 14:02 by Mick Martin Categorized as Case Studies
Brilliance is a Light & Sound Installation in Blackpool – UK spanning over 4 streets. Originally called Regeneration by Light and funded by the North West Development Agency, European Regional Development Fund and Blackpool Council

In a town that is synonymous with lighting Blackpool needed something to bring back the “Wow” factor to it’s Illuminations and regenerate the night time economy within the town centre.

The Surrounding streets project gracefully onto the floor and buildings with eye catching colourful imagery enticing people into the centerpiece on Birley Street. Once there you witness a Light & Sound Show on a grand scale with different shows and music catering for all tastes.

Lighting Magazine said “Journalists are averse to the word ‘unique’, which has become a sloppy synonym for ‘unusual’. The light and sound installation in Blackpool’s Birley Street, however, undoubtedly merits the word and, one suspects, would also be used by the project participants to describe their experience in designing, making and installing it.”

Brilliance has also been awarded “Tourism Attraction of the year” in the 2010 Blackpool Tourism Awards and Highly Commended in the 2009 years Lighting Design Awards.

Equipment Used:

Control System
  • 3 x ShowCAD Artist Lighting Controllers
  • 3 x Standard PC Monitors
  • 2 x ELO Touch Screens
  • 5 x 4 Way Pathport DMX Outputs
  • 1 x WYSIWYG System
  • 1 x SCADA Intelligent Power Management System
  • 1 x Wireless DMX System for Surrounding Streets

Birley Street
  • 18 x Robe Colour Spot 2500 AT’s
  • 18 x Tempest Tornado Domes
  • 12 x Pulsar Chroma Flood 200’s
  • 1200 x Colour Kinetics I Colour Flex SL LED’s
  • 24 x Bose Speakers
  • 45 x Lengths of White LED Strips used as Street Lighting

Church Street
  • 6 x Robe Colour Spot 2500 AT’s
  • 6 x Tempest Tornado Domes

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